2016 was an amazing year for all the team at Soulful Reflection. We introduced lots of new options and services for our clients, bought many upgrades and new equipment (we love new toys!) and doubled our bookings from 2015.

Every year I set new targets to improve the quality, creativity and diversity of our products. 
In 2016 I had 2 big projects in my hands, wasn't an easy job to train all the team to have the best start possible but all the sweat and hard work paid off! The two main projects for 2016 were to introduce a new and exciting entertainment option (the Slow Motion Booth) and to start offering wedding videography.

The Slow Motion Booth

After extended research and investment, we introduced the Slow Motion Booth which has been a massive success and quickly became our most booked addon with wedding photography surpassing our Photo Booth's popularity almost instantly. It's a revolutionary form of entertainment that many haven't heard about, but once discovered, it's very hard to pass.

Our very first Slow Motion Booth at Arlington Ipswich.

Wedding Videography

Shortly after introducing the Slow Motion Booth, we introduced wedding videography, this required many months of recruiting, training and planning as the plan was to be able to cover both wedding photography and videography as a joint package. 

In the last October, we had our first Wedding Photography + Wedding Videography joint package. It was the first time I had a team of 4 at a wedding (2 photographers and 2 videographers), but having worked with all of them for many years meant that we were prepared and all the hard work paid off. The final result speaks for itself!

Our wedding film blends perfectly with our wedding photography style and is truly emotional to watch. I couldn't be happier with the reaction and feedback we've received from all our clients and their families so far and cannot wait to film and photograph the many weddings already booked for 2017, 2018 and 2019. 

The first wedding we covered both photography and videography as a joint package.


We achieved and surpassed all our year targets in 2016. I cannot wait to share with you all the things we have planned for 2017!